Update your contacts in the Intcomex WebStore

Congratulations! You have already correctly updated your username and password to login to our WebStore.
If you're an administrator, it's time to update the emails in your contact list:

  • Enter the WebStore https://store.intcomex.com and select the “login” option.
  • Sign in with your email and password.
  • To start managing your contacts, you need to select the option MY ACCOUNT + Account Information + contact list.

1. Update your contacts

  • El sistema te direccionará a la lista de contactos registrados para la cuenta.
  • En esta opción, tú como administrador, podrás realizar las siguientes acciones:
    1. Crear nuevos contactos
    2. Editar información de los contactos
    3. Desactivar contactos

Go to the edit option to modify your contact’s email.


After modifying the email, click Validate Email to confirm the process for your contact.

Remember that your contact must validate the email to finish the process correctly

You can also edit the personal information of your contact: name, position, telephone number and add the accesses that each contact will be allowed.

Do not wait any longer and update your information so that you continue to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the most robust e-commerce on the market

2. Create new contacts


When you reach this screen, following the previous steps, you must click on NEW CONTACT.


Correctly complete the requested information and select the SAVE option.


Your new contact will receive a series of notifications that they must confirm to continue with the process.

Your new contact will need to click confirm.

Then, your new contact will see the confirmation notice. IMPORTANT! There is still one step left to finish.

Following this, your new contact will receive a new notification in which they must select ACTIVATE USER


Almost done!
Next, your new contact will need to enter their email to receive a code.


Now, you will need to enter the code you received in your email and click on "VALIDATE CODE".


We reached the finish line!
The last step is simple. You will need to set a new password to enter the WebStore.

And now you're ready to enjoy the most robust e-commerce on the market!

3. Deactivate contact

If you need to deactivate any of your contacts, you must perform the following steps:


Select the contact and click on the deactivate option.


The system will show you the following message to confirm if you are sure you want to deactivate the contact.


The system will tell you that the changes have been registered correctly.